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by Robert M. Katzman © July 27, 2022

(This conversation actually happened, when I was in a desperate situation and needed some unusual assistance. No laws were broken, but it was easily the most terrifying conversation I ever had in my life, long, long ago)

The older man then looked at me, right into my eyes, and he said

“It is good when a son shows respect to his Mother 

Your Mother says you are good to her  

Is that so?”

I nodded  


“Do you call her, make sure she has everything she needs?”

I paused, this time, and cleared my throat 

Then I looked directly at him, something I sensed was important to him

“I do…not…call her as much as a ‘good son’ should  

But I will, from now on”

The older man looked at me, steadily, appraising me  

Was I worth his time?

Where…was this going?

Was I about to have…a problem?

I think Mario Bianco knew a great deal 

And I think he could tell when a man was lying to him

So that was why I didn’t lie to him

I decided that the truth would make him have more respect for me

Even if the answer was not what he would have liked to hear

Then he said,

“Do that.”

I nodded that I understood

He smiled 

A little

I shivered


Comment by Dennis Mae

July 27, 2022 @ 9:22 pm

My brother, my poet, I never want your stories to end. You bring light to my life, and immeasurable joy.

Comment by BJ Dechter

July 28, 2022 @ 6:25 am

I always enjoy a great “Godfather “ story!
Did you kiss his ring too?
Scary stuff!
Thanks for sharing!

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