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What Will it Take to Get You to Rage?…by Robert M. Katzman

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 Inspired and motivated by Darleen Coleman, my friend and member of the Kenosha Writer’s Guild


There are thru time men who lust to rule

They only see others as less than them

Other men’s pride a footstool to step on

Especially, men too terrified to resist


Mostly men who will always say:

Well, what can I do? You don’t understand

Mortgage, kids, college, wife, car and life

All at the mercy of the Big Man

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A Moment in Time, Captured a Long Time ago…filmed by David Katzman

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Just found this old video made by my my son David to attempt to help me get established as a speaker. However, within it, there is a fleeting moment depicting my Joyce with such a big smile on her face, looking so happy that maybe something good is happening for me as a writer. I know she was pleased that David was involved.

There is also another time showing beautiful Rachel watching others reactions to what I’m reading.

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On the Impossibility of Hope…by Robert M. Katzman

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On the Impossibility of Hope

By Robert M. Katzman © January 4, 2016


Sometimes nothing works out

You live your life

Hope for friends

Hope to be healthy

Hope to be happy


(a really big hope)

Try to fall in love

With someone as they are


Be loved as you are

You, without disguises

You, sometimes without a clue

You, with no idea where you are going

You, more than a little

Shy of visionary

You, without the certainty


Knowing what to offer

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Defining “Cool!” The Amazing Universal Word…by Robert M. Katzman

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© January 12, 2014

Some words have a mystery to them. Although “Thank you” is most likely offered as a term of appreciation in every country of the world,sometimes as one word, each country has its own way of expressing that meaning. Not so for “cool”.  Cool is cool, everywhere.

 All over the world, every kind of person seems to understand what “cool” means and how to use it. I am guessing that it originally traveled wherever jazz musicians played in Europe, Africa or Asia, because if ever two words were eternally joined, “cool jazz” would seem to be first on a list of them.

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Ex-Pat Report (#2): Making the Transition

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Here are more answers to questions from late June.

Q. Is it difficult to adjust to far less space?

A.  Do you mean Netherlands?

Oh, the boat!  I miss the counter space in the kitchen.  It is hard to find space to set things down and impossible for two people to work.  Other than that, no, not really.  We spend a lot of time off the boat, wandering around wherever we happen to be.  When there is nothing new left to see, we can easily go somewhere new.

Orca's galley

Orca's galley

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Waiting For Our Own Personal Andrew…by Robert M. Katzman

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April 2010 (revised 7/25/10



They say you’ll be fine

They always say that



But where are you, Andrew?

Where are you



We are waiting for you

Waiting for you…

Waiting for the Andrew

Each of us



You are so


You know

So many people


There is no ‘collective’



To me, you embody


You seem so




To focus on

Right now

And the



Is with you

In that



You will be fine?

What about all the rest

Of us?


There is no singularity in our waiting



Are many strangers


In hopeful




Your wife

and now



Your sisters

Your children

Your friends



Are all

Waiting for you



We will be fine

Just fine

When you return


Come back to us


About the writer and his other life in Skokie, Illinois:

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Poetry? For me, writing poetry is not an option.
It’s a response to emotion. Like cigarette smoke,
it’s fast-flowing, shapeless and with little time to capture it.
Writing poetry in an imperative. I say what I feel compelled to say.

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