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To Those Who Hate Us: A Jew’s Response

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by Robert M. Katzman

Copyright December 1, 2022


We are so few

In most states

In most countries

People have never met us

Even one of us

Yet still

There are enough of us

To be despised by

Earth’s marauding savages

Relentlessly pursuing a

Lingering Biblical People

Descended from misty legends

Seemingly trapped in Time

We are the Jews


Despite losing a third of us

Six million

In World War Two

A million of the Burned:

Babies, children, crippled

Erased by

Ravenous, monstrous

Insatiable Beasts


Yet stubbornly

We remain

Increasing our numbers

Does not seem to be

Within our powers


What do we look like?

Look in your mirrors

We are

Black, White, Latino, Asian

Our hair is Red, Yellow, Brown, Black

Our eyes as random

And beautiful

As all the spectrum of light

We are Straight / Queer and every other sex

We are right, left, indifferent and crazy

Like everyone else


One of us

Will never be President

But America’s

Presidents have repeatedly

Called on

So many of us for

Our Perspectives about

Every complex arena of

A global Leader’s world:

Energy / Trade / Pandemics

Nuclear / Biological / Technology

Speeches / Immigration / Ecology

Human Nature / Human Rights


And frequently

Weighing morality

Within their


A President may ponder

What is right?

Because what is right

Is never too faint

To be unseen


To the ignorant

Searching for conspiracy

To those who kill

Evidently believing and fearing

Jews are: Everywhere

Controlling: Everything


Though half of America’s States

Have less than 20,000 of us

In reality, still we are invisible

To most of America’s People

So strange, and yet

So many continue to hate


In the whole wide world


Eight Billion People

Jews, barely an asterisk

Total possibly 15 million

Within 195 Nations

Merely 18 Countries have

More than 20,000 Jews

177 countries have less

Or none at all


 Where is our fearsome Army?

Why are we still here?

And above all:

What do the Jews believe?

Oh dear!

Such a question!


50 different Philosophies

Or nothing at all

God gave us free will


Over my so many decades

Friends and foes

Have asked of me

What are my own Jewish beliefs?

Justice and Mercy

I believe that covers all of it


Some curious souls may notice

Among 930


Nobel Prize winners

208 were Jews

Out of a

World Population

Of nearly

Zero Per Cent


Perhaps someone, somewhere

— And this only God knows —

Persists in believing

We are still essential

But how can that still be?


So we linger on

Here and there

Seen and unseen

We fractious and fraction of

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s


Wandering Desert People

Through an endlessly

Ever more

Dangerous World

But I don’t believe in logic

I just Believe



What I have written are simmering words

Each person who reads my poem or shares it

Magnifies my message

Words can be like arrows

Well aimed, for either good or ill,

They can pierce a heart


As a ‘Person of the Book’,

I will not, cannot, be still – or stilled


These 600 words typed or softly spoken

Are my Army

Such an Army cannot be vanquished


With or without me

Like a Chariot

The Vessel of my Words


Assailing those who hate

Civilized comments welcome.

Home, Home Again from Far, Far Away

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by Robert M. Katzman © November 4, 2022

Tiny Spiders created a

Cobweb Interstate

In my closed-up office

Missed Autumn and the magic

The explosion of hues

Color gone now

A million leaves all curled up

Cracked, brown and dead

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Barefoot on the Sand at Midnight in Bretagne, France

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by Robert M. Katzman © October 30, 2022

So dark a night 

Only a single star

Can break through the clouds

Winds here so cool and damp

Waters gently lapping

Coming toward me

Leaving me behind

The white foam a subtle necklace

Offered to me by the Sea

The North Atlantic Sea


“Come to me”

It seems to whisper 

Barely a hush as the small waves recede

As the small waves approach

“I will embrace you with my waters

My necklace soft around your body

Come closer to me

Do not fear me, Stranger

My enveloping arms

Will keep you forever

Come sleep in my Sea”


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The Last Time I Saw Paris

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by Robert M. Katzman © September 16, 2022

By January 1992, I knew the end of my independent travel/foreign language bookstore was soon to be a certainty. The giant chains were rampaging across America: Borders. Barnes and Noble and Super Crown. My store was located in what is now, publicly at least, called BoysTown or the gay district in Chicago. Like in most cities across the country, usually the most interesting part of any city in terms of theater, bookstores, restaurants and other places with an intellectual flavor.

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Married and Buried, Period

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by Robert M. Katzman © September 4, 2022

A Bob and Nancy story from their upcoming book:

Bob’s ‘Eve’ Odyssey: His Search for Nancy

We first began to look for a wedding planner in Racine, mistakenly thinking that small town Racine had small town prices in it for wedding planners. We weren’t certain we could do whatever we were gonna do without some professional help. Of course, as we soon learned, the State must be fed first before mere people can get married. 

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When the Dragon Roared in the Arab Quarter of Barcelona                                                                                           

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by Robert M. Katzman © August 23, 2022

This story has its roots in 1955 and deals with the never-expected consequences of child abuse through the decades of one man’s life. Most people go from day to day, live their lives and hope for the best. But not everyone. Children who have been severely beaten when helpless often grow up to follow the same pattern with their husbands/wives or children and continue the chaos for another generation or two. Other people seek comfort in drugs and the company of people who live violent lives as a way of coping, (or not coping) with what happened to them long ago. Difficult to put a band-aid on the horrors of one’s past – pat it on its head and say,

”There, there, child… everything will be all right.”

No, everything won’t be alright.

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