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Unfatal Crash: May ’17

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by Robert M. Katzman © December 17, 2021

Seems recent and long ago

Near and far

The dimensions are hazy

I missed her so

When she was 

All together

Instead of fragile ashes 

In Israel

Now she’s in the sand

No, she IS the sand

In the Dead Sea

Cold, wet, sun glinting

Part of it


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A Child Dies: Emotional Grief at Christmas Time

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by Robert M. Katzman © Sunday, December 22, 2019

Written in response to Peggy’s letter of pain on Facebook: No, Peggy, I don’t know you, but I felt compelled to respond. Perhaps it will give you some possible way to cope and find peace.

I have not lost a child, but seem blessed or cursed with massive empathy, with absorbing others’ pain so intensely, it is like having a massive unpredictable Empath Serpent coiled within me, sometimes rearing up and piercing my heart with its fangs. I have no shield to stop me from caring.

I am Jewish, not into ritual, but deeply spiritual, and now old enough to have experienced the loss of so many people that I have forgotten some of their names.

A village of dead friends and relatives scattered across many towns, this country and other countries. I see their faces, can hear their voices in my mind, some of them locked in an endless loop of a certain holiday scene where I was less, to them, then whatever I might ever aspire to be. Yes, I can hear their voices. No volume control to the–endlessly anticipated–onslaught of the daggers they pierced me with when I wasn’t allowed to respond:

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“A Promise is a Promise”. A Short Story About Keeping My Word to a Dead Man 

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“A Promise is a Promise”.

A Short Story About Keeping My Word to a Dead Man 

by Robert M. Katzman © December 8, 2021

About thirty years ago I was running a business no one’s child would ever go into, in Morton Grove, Illinois, which is NW of Chicago and next to Skokie, Illinois, about 16 miles from Chicago. One of very few left in the United States at that time, perhaps twenty such stores, I called it Magazine Memories.

It was a back-issue store which people frequented to get a magazine from the week or month a person was born, married, joined the army or graduated from a school. We also carried rare and collectible items, with the inventory going back to 1576, a British newspaper.

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And I Roll With My Dog in the Leaves

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By Robert M. Katzman © November 18, 2018

What I will soon miss

The musty fragrance

The quiet and diverse crackle

That they group together seemingly for warmth

That the overwhelming beauty is so transitory

Leaves in Autumn beseech us to pay attention

“Be not so busy as to watch us flow by you”

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Eat Cheap, Sleep Cheap: Truck Stops & Diners

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by Robert M. Katzman © October 20, 2021

I awake first

Dawn clicking on my brain

Gauze in my eyes

I see the brick-red sheet

Clamped across our windshields

Concealing us from 

Curious Truck Drivers’ eyes

But in reality

No one does that

Peeking is not cool

Some guys have switchblades

Coffee far more important


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Raph Pollock, Carbon Dioxide and Losing My Virginity

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by Robert M. Katzman © October 18, 2021

Perhaps I may have your attention. A Chicago Story.

What follows is an unwritten story because I didn’t know there was one to write about. But I was wrong. Ask my flame, Nancy who makes sure I know that. Here is the genesis of remembering the above words in my title and the remarkable sequence which follows:

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