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Ukraine Became Masada

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by Robert M. Katzman February 28, 2022


When President Zelensky telegraphed:

Come and Get Me You Son of a Bitch!

A flat lonely mountaintop

In Southern Israel, named Masada

A fortress of Jews against the Romans in 73 AD

Held out for two years

Against impossible odds

Then when the Roman’s thousands finally 

Reached the top

The 900 Jews killed themselves

Rather than become slaves to the Romans


When the Jewish President Zelensky

Representing perhaps a half of a per cent

Maybe a hundred thousand Jews

Out of Ukraine’s 43 million

Told America when they offered him

A flight out to safety

Knowing he was going to 

Be hunted down by Putin

And Zelensky –

God Bless him


“I don’t need a ride

I need ammunition!”


He became the symbol of defiance

A King of the Ukrainians

The Ukrainians transformed

Into 43 million doomed Jews

Waiting for the Russians 

On the top of Masada

Women and children sent to Poland

Old men

Young boys

Ready to die for their country


Mototov Cocktail Bombs

In old wine bottles with rags afire

Against steel tanks and troop carriers

Invading their country

Suddenly not a Ukrainian army of 

250,000 soldiers, but

A country with ten million’s of men 

Daring the Russians to Come

Ready to die for their country

Just like in Viet Nam

Impossible to defeat 

Men determined to 

Die for their country


Suddenly ordinary people

For certain many women as well

Find the moment in their life

Where they discover who they are

What they are made of

And what they’ll die for


Like the overwhelming Army of Rome

Coming to get those 900 Jews atop Masada

Russian’s massive army rolling into Ukraine

Coming to crush the “helpless” 

Millions of Ukrainians

Will discovery a deadly country 

Filled with defiant Zelenskys

That Big Russian Bear 

Storming into Ukraine

Right into the lethal gripping Jaws

Of the Heroes of Ukraine


Today I hope all the Ukrainians are Jews

I hope all the Jews are Ukrainians

And I hope the Russian Army

Finds their doom

In an invincible Ukrainian Masada

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Turn my torrid words

Into bullets from your souls

Ukrainians Unite!

Never Surrender!





Comment by Edward

February 28, 2022 @ 1:44 pm

Nice comparison, Bob.
Go Go Ukraine.
Encourage peeps to donate to their cause.

Comment by bruce

February 28, 2022 @ 2:25 pm

moseltov cocktails?

Comment by Janet

April 14, 2022 @ 4:12 pm

Real life stories are the best .I am happy that was a loving bu-shaha/ backa grandmommah ,or what ever the nationality word was for her . The love was what came from the gelt. Bless you for your great spirit to {press} on . Shalom

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