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My Heart is Seeking a New Woman to Love…by Robert M. Katzman

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My heart is seeking a new Woman to love                                                          by Robert M. Katzman July 20, 2017

One Hundred Panes of Glass

She never saw my surprise for her

Something I designed to enchant

Her whimsical soul

My timing was off by a week

Her surprise gift arrived too late

And now, well,

She’s somewhere in Eternity

Leaving me suspended in Time


Two sturdy wooden swings

Each with a peaked roof

Facing each other

Joined together by

A third taller peaked roof

A fragile miniature

Wooden Cathedral

Surrounded by transparency

Fourteen ancient windows

Suspended by wire

Swinging freely in the wind


Bargained for and bought at

Wisconsin rural barn sales or

Recycled industrial stores

Dusty glass, chipped paint, cracked wood


I wanted the gradual natural

Beauty of aging


The swing’s three roofs

Thatched with thin strips of wood

Forming a myriad of

Diamond-shaped openings

When the sun’s rays pierce

These tiny windows

A thousand golden diamonds

Spangle the swings

Flowing grass between them

Any person sitting on a swing

A virtual moving carpet of light


One hundred panes of glass

Assembled in a square

Surrounding the swings


The Illusion of Seclusion

Inside looking out

Outside looking in

Swings move independently

Because my missing love

Was an independent woman


Now her pictures dot my walls

Her voice, her laugh

Saturate my mind

But my bed is empty

Her touch, is gone

Her lips, are gone

Her fragrance, evaporating

Only intangible love remains


How to find a new companion?

Oh, I have no idea what to do

My last date was in 1967

But in my confused state

My silent house

If I do nothing to change

Nothing will change


So I dreamt about

Writing about

Finding a new girl

I’m seeking a girl

Who knows herself

Is still wondering inside

Sees people: not colors

Likes how she looks

Wants to be kissed

By a guy who means it

Thinks kissing is not


Hello! and Goodbye!

But a thing to do in itself


A girl who finds the words:

Left-Wing Jewish Liberal

Uncontrollably intoxicating

Someone who wants to laugh

Has room in her heart for me

Not to replace who is gone

But to make another place

For the man she wants


She’ll have enough curves

So I don’t forget

Which one of us

Is the guy

Because a girl can have

Strength of character

And, at the same time

Be really soft to touch


I don’t watch games

I don’t have pets

do have an imagination

I want to share enchantment

With a girl who still needs wonder

And who will understand:

Not movies:



Not silly movies for silly people

I worship the

Brilliant minds

Who create the flickering light

A dark theater

Where she can hold my hand

For no reason at all

Fall asleep on my shoulder

Reconsider places to cuddle

I want a woman

Who surrenders

To her own impulses

Not passion by appointment


Lady, you might have

A million dollars

But if you don’t

Have a guy who wants

To stand on a beach at midnight

And neck with you

Under a starry sky

Lady, you ain’t got nothin’!


And what do I believe in


Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

I believe in:

Doo Wop


1950’s Elvis

Johnny Cash

Buddy Holly

Roy Orbison

Frank Sinatra

Jackie Wilson

Dion di Mucci

The Supremes

Aretha Franklin

The Everley Brothers


Most anything

With a Hot Saxophone

A Demon Drummer from Hell

Rock n’ Roll

Rhythm & Blues

I believe in the

The Gods of Music


Am I a poet?

That’s up to whomever appears

In my solitary

Illusion of Seclusion


Her curious nose

Pressed against the old glass

Who wants to swing on a swing

Maybe in sync with me


Who finds

One hundred panes of glass

Not a concept

Not a strange wooden toy

But a good start to

Be alone

By ourselves


Give us a chance

To gaze into each other’s eyes

And maybe

Both of us will see

A kindred soul

Looking back


Dear World

A Lonely Heart

Seeking to Find

A New Girl

For Me

To Love


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Comment by Herb Berman

July 21, 2017 @ 7:25 am

A touching tribute to the love of your life, and your longing to have a good woman in your life.

Comment by Don Larson

July 21, 2017 @ 11:31 am

Hi Bob,

Seems like a effective want ad to me.


Comment by Charlie Newman

July 21, 2017 @ 9:40 pm

This kicks, Bob, but I’m not sure it’ll do the job on Craigslist!

Comment by Dave Gourdoux

July 22, 2017 @ 9:46 am

Beautiful command of language and images. A bittersweet search for companionship while adrift in the depths of despair and loss. I admire your honesty and your strength, and your ability to Keep your head up and your eyes open as you make your way through these dark days.

Comment by Brad Dechter

December 19, 2017 @ 6:47 am

Touching and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing again. This was written in July and the fact that you republished it shows me that you are now headed in a new direction with this call for love and companionship.
It’ll happen when it’s ready to Bob. You’ll appreciate those hugs and kisses, even more, when they do occur.
Love Ya,

Comment by Walterine Joseph

February 2, 2018 @ 4:05 pm

Beautifully written. I hope you find a companion worthy of your love.

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