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Bonnie’s Sparrow…by Robert M. Katzman

© June 11, 2012


The thing about extraordinary experiences is that you’re never ready for them.

You forget what came just before, then the moment itself, and then what happened next, and you stand there stunned, caught up in the swirl of unearthly phenomena.


My older sister, Bonnie Sue Katzman died today, two years ago, at age 62, from blood cancer.

She was married to a good person named Chelin for a long time, and then another person, but I prefer to remember what her name was when I first met her in 1950 when she was two and a half.

We both came from a terrifyingly dangerous home where her solution was to disappear into the homes of her many friends and mine, well…I had no solution and suffered the consequences.  We had no relationship. I never saw her.

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Eulogy for Bonnie Sue…by her brother, Bob Katzman 6/11/10 (revised 6/10/18)

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Older Sister

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I hope it’s all

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