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What Will it Take to Get You to Rage?…by Robert M. Katzman

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 Inspired and motivated by Darleen Coleman, my friend and member of the Kenosha Writer’s Guild


There are thru time men who lust to rule

They only see others as less than them

Other men’s pride a footstool to step on

Especially, men too terrified to resist


Mostly men who will always say:

Well, what can I do? You don’t understand

Mortgage, kids, college, wife, car and life

All at the mercy of the Big Man


It is the cowards who allow women to be defiled

It is cowards who allow girls to be treated as whores

The Big Man has his needs, his pleasures

No matter what, ya gotta keep the Big Man quiet


Old people fear somehow losing their checks

Like the Big Man can take it away

Black, Brown and fearful immigrants are kept in their place

Because the Big Man says he holds all the cards


But only if everyone’s spine’s been ripped out

Only if timid Senators desperately grasp their seats

The Big Man knows how much status means

And toys with scattering their power to the wind


When Party means more than what kind of country this is

When good men–and strong women–fear to resist his evil

When the Big Man decides what’s moral and not

Then we deserve to fear what we’ll see in the mirror


Many of us live here because our grandparents wanted to give us a chance

This was supposed to be the last best place to be free to be

So many depend on us still believing in ourselves, that we are still brave

That no place, no power and no man can diminish the United States


Let the good people in government find the courage to rise up

There is a law they can use: the 25th amendment

And throw the son-of-a-bitch out of his playpen

The worst they can do to him is take away his power


Men, women, and all of the colors that we are together

Stop allowing the Big man to represent what we are to the world

Throw the bum out! Throw the bum out!  We have it within us to

Throw the bum out, and let him learn how little he really is


Do it




Just one angry voice, but ya gotta start somewhere

I owned a wooden newsstand in Hyde Park on the South Side of Chicago when Richard J Daley ran Chicago. I know about political intimidation, corruption, bribery and being expected to kiss the Big Man’s ass.   Takes guts to resist when your license can be pulled at any time.                                                                  I could have done more to fight back in 1965.

I’m doing that now.


Comment by Jim Payne

December 14, 2017 @ 4:39 am

A passionate polemic but not one of your best.

Comment by DaveG.

December 14, 2017 @ 7:37 am

DR. Payne, I’ve noticed that you don’t seem to appreciate anger, especially in politics – Bob is articualting a rage we should all be feeling – few things motivate action like righteous anger.

Comment by Charlie Newman

December 14, 2017 @ 8:17 am

I’m not used to seeing this level of anger from you.
I like it.
Of course I do.
I’m from Newark…where the bodies are buried.
So, while I’d go further than you do, I do like where this is, Amigo.

Comment by Herb Berman

December 14, 2017 @ 1:34 pm

Ironically, Fat Donald (I don’t usually hurl insults, but in this case it seems appropriate), may turn out to be one of the best things to have happened to this country in my adult life. It’s as if we’ve been asleep, and we’re suddenly shocked awake when evil appears in its most vulgar and obvious form. The reaction has set in, and it will swamp Trumpism in upcoming elections. There’s no way Republicans can explain away the vile creature they created and elevated to the presidency. it will cost them.

Without Trump the long-overdue cleansing of institutions of assaulters and bullies would not be happening. Cheers to Trump! Real (unironic) cheers to all the brave women now coming forward and the black women of Alabama who sent vile Roy Moore galloping away to hell or whoever he resides with his idiot wife.

By the way, there’s a critical distinction between Trump and Hitler. Hitler was ideological, motivated primarily by antisemitism. Trump has no ideology, no set of beliefs. He’s pure id and ego.

Comment by Ess

December 15, 2017 @ 4:39 pm

I thought it deserved a separate email reply: (This is Ess’ earlier post which disappeared. I suspect the Russians)

Well, I have to say, I got a bit figuratively lost (like you did literally) at times; the sheer overload of
words was part of it (I felt awash in words, which might have diluted the experience for me some
what). But, then, not reading consecutively each post on any given day you sent them, may have added to that.
(I guess it would take this reader several re-visits to piece it all together into into absorbing imagery).
But at this point, I am LONG-OVERDUE in attempting to write that “Travelogue” of my time in Poland).

One other aspect of a certain slant of your writing for me is– while I appreciate and respect your “Jewishness”, this path does not hold the same value for my life as it does for you–for sure. So, there too, the references did not help hold me long enough to
pull all that imagery together, I guess….

THIS said, my one reaction to an image that did stand out, was the perplexity as to why you ‘went bonkers’ on
that young man in the temple (though I WAS impacted– and kind of ‘got” your breaking down–crying
afterwards– which actually was a breaking through…a healing crisis, in my view– something good and very
necessary); but, just felt the poor, unsuspecting fellow, no doubts thinking he WAS doing some good, didn’t warrant
receiving the full blow of your angst, in my reader’s view.

Bob, any writer holds their breath anticipating feedback; I hope mine is well-taken (otherwise, don’t ask in the future; cause I will always critique, not simply applaud. BUT… I what I surely DO applaud your courage in even
asking (because I think that asking and willingness to get honest answers, is what makes a writer even a better writer).


Robert Katzman
4:44 PM (5 hours ago)

to ess
OK, Polish Girl, here’s my answer.
I think you are a treasure and your opinions are worth whatever pain they may cause.
Happy Hanukkah and (being Friday) Shabbat Shalom, too!
Thank you, Ess.

Comment by Herb Berman

December 16, 2017 @ 1:25 pm

Trump may be the immediate cause of my anger, but he’s not the cause of my deep disappointment with the political process. I’m dismayed that enough Americans voted for Trump to foist him off on the country and the world. It’s profoundly tragic, with unforeseen and probably disastrous consequences.

Years ago, I wrote a poem that seems timely now:

The Busy Commuter

Never sees the tall blue sky,
Sunshine dancing down State Street,
Feel the wind’s caress,
Hear pigeons chirp and coo,
Watch them preen.

Wind and sun,
Grit and pigeon shit
Fill the city,
And money sings.
Beggars beg
And the city spits out
Its trampled and defiled,
Its thieves,
Its whores.

The busy commuter doesn’t hear
The sweet,
The awful
Hum of the city,
Its midsummer song.
He doesn’t feel
The savage dying of the young,
Hear the unanswered prayers of
The hapless and discarded.
The sobbing is faint and far away.

Head down,
The busy commuter
Marches to the 5:25.

Comment by Brad Dechter

December 18, 2017 @ 4:23 pm

Amen! Toss him out along with the other Bozo’s that follow in his path.
These are bad people who care more about status and their wallets than our populace who should be removed!
Go get ’em Bob!

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