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David’s Star (in Israel-part 10)…by Robert M. Katzman

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Copyright June 20, 2016

Hanging on a thin necklace

Around my neck

It’s always there

A silver star

David’s Star

I am never unaware of it

Neither is anyone else

Quiet and discrete

Weighing nothing

But heavy with

Thousands of years

Of a people

The size of a dime

Beautifully carved

Like two interwoven triangles

The six-pointed Star

Never shouts

It murmurs

I am still here

Wherever I am

I am conscious of

David’s Star

If I’m walking into


If I’m walking into


I won’t remove it

Sometimes I pull it aside

So only the thin chain

Is visible

So I won’t make the

German Jews mistake

Assuming that all the other Germans

Thought they were

Germans, too

Then suddenly


To eventually

Uncomprehending millions

Godless Nazis

Somehow packed

The Chosen People (?)


Cattle Cars

and then to the

 Live or Die

 Camp Selections


is the

Imagined Assumption


Unimaginable Horror

To be a Jew

To be me


Bluntly knowing

Such horrors

Are not only


But recent

In certain areas of



New York


San Francisco

I unbutton some buttons

And let

David’s Star

Have some air

Take a breath

Be free

But not most of the





My Star and I

Pass through Small Towns


And all of Europe

I have watched

Stranger’s eyes

At airports


Car rentals


Look at my dark eyes

My dark skin

My dark beard

Feeling their wonder:

What is he?

I have been thought

Throughout my life

To be:

A Turk

An Arab

A Greek

An Italian

A Spaniard

An Armenian


But never a Jew

Not even in Israel

People don’t know

Don’t like it that they

 Don’t know

And treat me

With uncertainty

Because people

Want to know:

Who are you?

I am the classically

Cautious Jew

Better to be a


than a


My Star

David’s Star

Always there

Just a button away

Will I let you in?

How can I be sure?


How do I know whom to trust?

How do I know where is safe?

What will happen if I forget?

What are the consequences?

How many doors will shut?

How many faces will harden?

We travel through time

Through our life

David’s Star and I

Many times wrapped

In a mystery

Of ethnicity

Sometimes unbuttoned

And very free

My Star catching the light


In other people’s eyes

When I trust them

I am not a prisoner

Of Jewish history

But I know it

Only the living Jew knows it

David’s Star and I will be quiet

Quietly deciding

Always wary and deciding


Who…are you?”



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Bob Katzman, poet, writer (5 books in print), entrepreneur and technophobe is seeking smart representation as a speaker for hire and to record all my work. As a guy who took on America’s largest magazine distributor in a six-year battle, and beat ‘em, as well as Com Ed, AT&T and Amex after that, all while having cancer at 18 and brain surgery (twice) at 54, plus 34 other operations, I know I can inspire both young and old people who possibly have less to overcome in their pursuit of happiness.

I’m the only guy to write a book about running a chain of newsstands for 20 years despite all the corruption Chicago had to offer. When things got really bad, the Chicago Syndicate stepped in to help me out. Scary. I can be reached at robertmkatzman@gmail.com or 847.274.1474. Serious responses only, people.

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