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On the Impossibility of Hope…by Robert M. Katzman

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On the Impossibility of Hope

By Robert M. Katzman © January 4, 2016


Sometimes nothing works out

You live your life

Hope for friends

Hope to be healthy

Hope to be happy


(a really big hope)

Try to fall in love

With someone as they are


Be loved as you are

You, without disguises

You, sometimes without a clue

You, with no idea where you are going

You, more than a little

Shy of visionary

You, without the certainty


Knowing what to offer

But finding a real friend?

A friend who rises to

The worst of occasions

A friend who doesn’t

Need mere you to

Spell out every heartbreak

Who sees in you what

Virtually no one else can see

Who wants to share

The best of times

Yours and theirs


Because you being there

Makes anything better

Well, this sort of relationship

May be far too much to hope for





This is the illusion of possible

Because no matter

How much you learn

How hard you try

How careful you are

How few risks you take

How much pleasure

You decide to deny yourself

To insure unknown additional

Moments of Time

The longer you survive

The less remains


But how can anyone know

How far to go

Where to go

What chances to take

And who to take with you

To have a life worth living?

But love?

Take all you read above

Put it in a rocket

Aim it at a star

Fueled with

Six batteries and a slingshot

And that may be

A better bet than

Deciding who to love

And will it last forever


Did that other person

Really, totally

Love you back?

Looking back

You can’t start over

Correct the glitches

Say the brilliant thing

Kiss the one you want

Exactly when and how they

Wanted to be kissed by you

I think about all these things

Dreams too far away now

Not enough time left to

Plan beyond the next few

Full moons

Or so…

What I would have done

If only I knew

All the things I didn’t know

And never would

But then I think

There might be a chance

Not to fix the past

Not to undo

All I disappointed

But to focus on

Someone who knows

None of this

Who will only know me

As I am now

Who will give me a chance

To be better

To be kinder

To remember all

The little things

Even with no guarantee

Of how much time

We have left to be together

I am no more brilliant now

Than when

Whoever you are

Began to read

All these words

And you will have to answer

All these questions I’ve asked

By yourself



I’m going to buy me a puppy

I will name her


Over the coming years

I will watch Hope grow

At least that

If nothing else

May be possible

I will make no plans beyond her







Comment by B.

January 4, 2017 @ 11:08 pm


Comment by Garland Cole

January 5, 2017 @ 4:24 am

I’m so in love, I will never find a way out. Why would I want to? Why would you? In a polar snowscape there is no contrast, with no thing to compare, and it’s blinding. This writing is the same. I can not find the distinction that separates me from you, or you from me. You nailed me. You nailed yourself. You nailed it for the Divine to see! Some crosses bare halos before they are even finished, and only in that are they ever complete! This is one of them.

Comment by Garland Cole

January 9, 2017 @ 4:18 pm

I have visited the ‘Impossibility of Hope’ a number of times since it has been posted. How many, well I have lost count. Last night I read this out loud over the phone to someone very special to me. When I read it, I read it with the deliberation that I believe the author had intended. Slowly, with a cadence and in a rhythm that made sense to me. Was I adept in my presentation? Could my listener comprehend any, or all of it, without their eyes following the written words? Just what did it mean when we both broke down sobbing in the same places as I read? Just what did it mean that when the continuity of my deliverance and cadence was altered, that they had asked me to read it again, ‘From the top’, and I too agreed. And finally, just what did it mean that it took a sharing of four complete readings before we could do so without finding ourselves standing in a pool of tears? In my opinion, there is going to be a run on the puppy market, best get in line quick.

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