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Chicago Strawberry Blonde…by Robert M. Katzman

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© January 29, 2013 (dates updated 1/27/2020)

Something romantic
For a moment

53 years ago,
January 27, 1967
Had its greatest snowstorm

I was trapped in my mother’s house
(where I didn’t live)
With a bunch of my sister’s
College friends
There for a party, also trapped

I was 16
Not a cool 16

Over the next three days
I managed to
Fall in love with this

Strawberry Blonde
An older woman of 18

Who invited me to neck
With her
The first night of that party
As if I knew
What to do

It became a
Three days

Then, she was gone
It killed me
I was a junior in high school
She was a freshman at                                                                                       University of Illinois in Carbondale

No chance
No chance for me

Now I’m near 70 and the girl?
She’s 72
But to me, she’s forever 18
No more to say
She’s the one that got away

She did write letters to me
I’d read them
At midnight
Over and over
I still have them

I saw her again one more time
Nine months later
(don’t make anything of that)
After I bought a car
At 17

I had to drive to
Southern Illinois
Managed to make a fool
Of myself
Because of how intensely
I felt about her

She introduced me
To her
New fiance

It was a
Drive home
That day was our last contact.

Was it my worst moment ever?

It was perfect.
Passion in amber.

Pet Clark singing

 “My Love”
On the record player

The dreamiest girl in the room
Wants to neck with me?
On the couch?
When I couldn’t get a date
In high school?

Couples lying all around us
In the dark
I had to look around
To figure out
What to do

Two hours earlier
I’d read poetry
In this big room
Filled with college people

To my amazement
They listened
The Strawberry Blonde
Must have really liked them
Or me, evidently

First time I learned

I can still
Her scent

Oh Jesus!!


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Poetry? For me, writing poetry is not an option.
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it’s fast-flowing, shapeless and with little time to capture it.
Writing poetry in an imperative. I say what I feel compelled to say.

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Comment by J Steve Adler

February 6, 2013 @ 5:28 pm

What do you think triggered your memory of those events? This does not seem to be the only time you have written about a beautiful girl/woman/lady. It is picturesque to say the least. Interestingly enough it is the first time in 30 years that I have had someone describe a “strawberry blonde”.

Comment by Bob

February 6, 2013 @ 9:46 pm

Steve, well…in this instance, I think of that particular beautiful blonde every single January 27th because the extreme weather event created the opportunity for the totally unlikely romance.

I write about beautiful women, beside my wives, because they were there. Not everyone gets initiated into everything necessary to know at 17 by a non-English speaking 28-year-old French-Jewish cellist, do they? Who needs to write fiction?

As far as Strawberry Blonde, like you, i have most of my life in the past now, and a detailed awareness of the time before I existed. If you knew my one strawberry blonde, you too would sigh every 1/27 and think about the one that got away. I can see her in my mind right now.

Comment by brad dechter

January 27, 2020 @ 6:45 am

So I was a tad younger but watched my older brother “import” a friend from work while my parents were stranded on the north side at my grandparents. I had a great 3 days partying hardy!
Thanks for the smile you put on my face!

Comment by Jim Payne

July 22, 2020 @ 2:25 pm

You mark a step of growing up with a passage from heaven. It wasn’t just your experience. It’s all of us whether we actually met our own strawberry blond or just dream of her. Thank you for the memories.

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